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The vision for this space has multiple parts, hence why the “S” in FOUNDATION(S) is emphasized. 

Foundational Garments





Have you ever opened up your closet and felt like it was full of clothes yet still had nothing to wear?


Foundation(s) Clothing Co. was created to help women with overwhelming and unorganized closets by producing staple, basic pieces that make getting dressed in the morning easy and fun. Versatile and functional pieces that women gravitate towards due to the fit, the feel, and knowing they were handmade for them.

It's no secret that the clothing industry has a handful of ugly statistics. It's been said that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world (second only to oil). "Fast fashion" has been the name of the game over the last few years and its repercussions are sickening. Thankfully "slow fashion" is a term that is... slowly... coming around. Each Foundation(s) piece is handmade in the US using high quality natural materials, free of harmful chemicals with a focus on taking proper measures to ensue a good fit, and sticking with simple designs to be worn years to come. 


Each Foundation(s) fabric used is organic or a natural fiber and each garment made in Nashville. It's about getting back to the basics, creating clothing the way it was intended to be.

A goal that is being worked towards is for Foundation(s) Clothing Co. to be a space where overwhelmed, displaced refugee women can get back on their feet.

How does that relate to making clothes? ​Over the last few years I've had the honor of helping teach classes at a sewing training organization in Nashville, TN that provides sewing lessons to refugees in the area. It’s a beautiful mix and exchange of stories, cultures and of course the art of sewing. I've met woman after woman who has a love and enthusiasm for sewing but go on from the program without sustainable job opportunities. I want to create a space where women love coming to work everyday, continually build confidence, and in turn be the best mother, wife, daughter, friend, and neighbor.

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